Hanley Wood's Commercial Design Group

Hanley Wood's Commercial Design Group is the single source across the commercial design community connecting you with residential and commercial architects, developers and facility managers, and other construction and design professionals setting standards of excellence in the commercial design industry.

Utilize this comprehensive media network to reach your target customer throughout every step of the commercial design lifecycle from ideation and planning to project specs and breaking ground to management and beyond.

Media Kit Website
ARCHITECT www.architectmediakit.com www.architectmagazine.com
Architectural Lighting www.archlightingmediakit.com www.archlighting.com
PRODUCT SPEC GUIDE http://www.architectmediakit.com/r5/showkiosk.asp?listing_id=2123321 http://www.architectmagazine.com/products/spring-2011-product-spec-guide.aspx
Eco-Structure www.ecostructuremediakit.com www.eco-structure.com
Metalmag www.metalmagmediakit.com www.metalmag.com
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